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Emotional Embodiment: Emotional Embodiment: Awareness, Empathy, and the Gift of Feeling

A five-hour workshop

In a society that prizes mind over body, emotions are often thought to be a nuisance, inconvenient, or something that takes us away from the "reality" of a situation or what we would really like to be happening. In reality, emotions are a vitally important part of being alive and navigating this world in a body and are not going away any time soon. The more tapped in we are to our emotions, the better equipped we are to handle them as they arise. Being able to identify, feel, and release emotions is a useful tool for resilience, connection, and development.

There are no negative or positive emotions as each emotion has a function and an action, useful information that alerts us to do something based on what we feel. This workshop will be a mixture of mind-stimulating lecture and discussion as well as exercises and interactive experiences of emotions as we explore what emotional embodiment looks and feels like. This is designed to give you the tools to move from a place of reactivity, repression, or overwhelm of emotions to one of receptivity and flow.

We will explore:
• Embodiment and emotions as experiences or states of being.
• The difference between expressing, repressing, and channeling emotions.
• A model of emotions that includes four broad categories of emotions with many sub-categories, each with their own gifts and challenges.
• Information about emotional neglect and what we can do to develop emotional competency and intelligence.
• Empathy and holding space for others and our own emotions

Based on the work of Karla McLaren, Jonice Webb, Barbara Frederickson, Dan Siegel, Antonio Damasio, Linda Curran, and more.

Desire as a Verb: the Positive Side of Consent and Boundaries

Desire is active and changing. It shapes our boundaries and drives our decisions around consent. It can also be scary to engage with or admit to in the moment. Even within an encounter, we may be caught off guard by multiple or unexpected changes in our desires. How do you know what you desire? How do you ask for it? How do you support and celebrate boundaries and desires at the same time?

We will explore:
• What is it like to follow your Yes, rather than focusing on your No
• The difference between tolerating, supporting, and celebrating
• What we want, are willing to do, or won't do
• Embodied exercises of desire, boundaries, and consent
• How to notice and communicate your changing desires
• And what to do when your partners' desires change

Embodied Empathy and Holding Space

Coming soon.

Erotic Alchemy: The (Re)Union of the Separated

Erotic Alchemy utilizes the processes of transformation found in nature to understand and encourage the unification of matter (the body) and consciousness (soul/spirit) within an explicit and intentional erotic context. In this workshop we will be focusing on the particular alchemical formula of the three conjunctios, or the (re)union of the three principles: sulfur, salt, and mercury, or soul, body, and spirit. Drawing deeply on the work of practical, psychological, and spiritual alchemy, we will investigate these conjunctios and the transformation that can be found within.

We will explore:
• What is Erotic Alchemy and how can we engage with it
• Alchemy as a process of personal transformation
• The alchemical formula of the three conjunctios and how that relates to the erotic and relationships
• An embodied experience of soul, body, and spirit and the unions thereof

Sared Erotic Psychology: Integrating Soul, Mind, and Body

Coming soon.

Being and Becoming: The Alchemy of Transformation

Coming soon.

The Praxis of Sacred Relationship

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Mindful Erotic Embodiment: A Conscious Self-Pleasuring Practice

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