Are you living and loving in the way you truly desire?

Do you often feel stuck in your head or disconnected from your own body, unable to be with the fullness of sensation and experiences?

Are you searching for a deeper erotic connection to yourself and your partner(s)?

Do you have a sense that something is missing from your (sex) life and you are looking for more?

Perhaps you are looking for assistance in the lifelong process of understanding who you are, what you need, and what you have to give to others and the world.

Maybe you consider yourself spiritually oriented or are interested in a sacred approach to gender, sexuality, and/or eroticism.


If you are looking to enhance or better understand your own experience of sexuality, embodiment, desires, or spirituality we may be a great match.


Experience Deep Connection

Embracing Pleasure is heart-centered, trauma-informed coaching, bodywork, and education for adults of all genders, sizes, relationship statuses, and sexualities who are struggling with identity, intimacy, or connection and who long to be seen.

Through empathy, witnessing, touch, breath, embodiment practices, boundary and consent education, trauma release, ritual, and soulwork I encourage my clients toward greater embodiment and intimacy with themselves, others, and the world.

I can help you expand your capacity for feeling, pleasure, and awareness through empathic witnessing, embodiment exercises, and coaching through your experiences of love, desire, and emotion.

My approach is based on the work I did for my Master's degree in Sacred Erotic Psychology, certifications in Sexological Bodywork and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, and numerous hours of work with clients and with myself. I have extensive knowledge and personal experience in truma, kink/bdsm, polyamory/non-monogamy, queer/lgbp+ and trans experiences, and more.

There is no wholeness without the body

Through fully embracing your own erotic experiences of satisfaction and pleasure you can gain further access to your own depths and the wholeness of who you are. And I can help guide you through this process.

We are as much our bodies as we are our mind or our soul. Each are a fundamental part of the whole of who we are.

While it is true that we are not only our bodies, we are created by and can only understand the world through our somatic experience. Your body has been created through your life experiences. All of your memories, emotions, desires, coping strategies, and tendencies are etched into you in the form of the neuropathways, muscles, nerves, cells, etc. that quite literally shape who you are.

Embodiment is a recognition of union with the body, a recognition of the body as part of the whole of who we are. We are shaped by our body as much as our body shapes us, and to be disconnected from the body is to be disconnected from our Selves.

The body is the material expression of the Self.

Together we can investigate the relationships you have with the erotic and the body to assist in your own growth and understanding of who you are, what you need, and what you have to give.

Note: All of my clients are legal adults (at least 18 years of age).

If you’re looking for sex education for youth, please visit Scarleteen.